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BCP Draft Local Plan – Update

The chance to comment on BCP draft local plan has now passed, as the deadline has been reached.  As you are all aware, Talbot Village and its residents will still be affected, as the land surrounding the village (particularly Highmoor Farm) is still included in this latest iteration of the plan (click on the picture opposite or this link BCP Draft Local Plan to see the plan – particularly page 68 to read the finer detail).

Thankyou to all those who took the time to make their opinions known. 

If you would like to read what the chair of the TVRA, Jo Keeling said, please click on this Link or on the picture opposite.

(added 07/05/2024)

Slades Park now part of the Parks Foundation

 Slades Park has now been incorporated into the Parks Foundation charity.  The aim of the charity is to enhance parks across the BCP area, so that people and wildlife can flourish in harmony.

Already a series of events have been organised to take place in Slades Park.  For more details on events, please visit the link here or click on the picture opposite. Once there, select Slades Farm from the dropdown to see all the events at a glance taking place.  Most are free to take part in.

The Parks Foundation link has been added to the Community page for future reference.

(added 06/05/2024

Another Highmoor Farm Update

 Jo Keeling, the Chair of the TVRA, wrote to our local MP Conor Burns and asked for his help with the Highmoor Farm planning application. See the earlier news item dated 16/02/2024 further down this page about this.

Conor was as good as his word and wrote a lengthy letter to Michael Gove expressing his views and concerns and requested the application be called in (or recovered now it’s at the Appeal stage). Here is his letter to Michael Gove and the subsequent reply from Simon Hoare.

Let us hope the Planning Inspector and Secretary of State think the same way Eric Pickles did in the past and protects this area once and for all.

(added 23/03/2024

BCP Draft Local Plan

The BCP draft local plan has been issued (to replace the Poole Local Plan that has been in force since 2018).  Talbot Village and its residents will still be affected, as the land surrounding the village (particularly Highmoor Farm) is still included in this latest iteration of the plan (click on the picture opposite or this link BCP Draft Local Plan to see the plan – particularly page 68 to read the finer detail).

If you want to make your opinion known about this plan and any other issues, please take the opportunity to do this by following the Have Your Say link here.

(added 21/03/2024)

The Old St. Marks Church Hall on Alton Road looking for help



Hopefully some of our residents can help with this appeal that has been raised by St. Marks Church?

This old hall has been one of the foundations of the community for over 50 years, and as you can read, still plays a vital role for the children in the area via various groups such as Scouts, Brownies, Guides and a Mini Mice Pre-School. 

If you able to help with any of the tasks outlined, please get in touch by contacting one of the Hall Users or via this email address: [email protected]

Jo Keeling, the chair of the Talbot Village Residents Association, has already contacted Talbot Village Trust, to see if they can offer a grant to help fund some of the work that needs carrying out. You can read this letter here
(added 04/03/2024)

L’arte closing on Sundays until further notice


L’arte is going to be closed on Sunday’s from the 10th March 2024 until further notice. 

Dan, the manager from the coffee shop, anticipates that the cafe will re-open later in the year, but for now there will be no opening on Sundays.

Dan apologises to any regular customers who do come in on a Sunday, but there is simply not enough patronage to continue opening each week.  

Further announcements will posted here if and when things change.
(added 03/03/2024)

Latest Repairs on the Village

The chair of the TVRA, Jo Keeling, has been working very hard on behalf of all residents, to get the BCP Council to repair a number of issues that affect our village. Thanks to her persistence and perseverance, the street light between Marianne Close and Vine Farm Close has now been repaired, and the potholes down Gillett Road, near the University, have been filled in.
She is now awaiting an update on the street light on Fern Barrow, near the entrance to Purchase Road (pictured here before it’s demise).
If you are not a member of the TVRA, please use the Membership tab above to join. The more members we have the more powerful a voice Jo will have with the Council.
(added 27/02/2024)

Talbot Voices – an Oral History Project

Talbot Voices is a recently formed oral history group, consisting of about 15 volunteers, who all have an interest in the history of our village. They would love to hear from anyone who has stories, information or reminisces regarding the history of the village.

If you would like to contribute or get involved in some way, further details can be found on their Talbot Voices page under the Talbot Village Trust website – Link Here or by clicking on the picture.

There is also an email address that can be used to get in touch with them too: [email protected]
(added 25/02/2024)

More Traffic Disruption on Glenferness Avenue

Glenferness Avenue is to be subject to more traffic disruption due to the further extension of the cycle lane network, and incorporating some drainage and road improvement work too.

Disruption is scheduled to start 22nd February for up to 4 months. For more details you can follow this Link to an Echo article or click on the picture

(added 19/02/2024

A further Highmoor Farm Update

 Jo Keeling, the Chair of the TVRA, wrote to our local MP Conor Burns and asked for his help with the Highmoor Farm planning application. Within a lengthy letter detailing all the concerns about the planning committee meetings, she asked if he would speak to the Secretary of State Michael Gove to request that he call the planning application in. Conor visited Jo shortly afterwards and agreed he would help.

You can see Conor and Jo discussing the proposed Highmoor Farm development if you follow this Link or click on the picture

(added 16/02/2024

Branksome Triangle proposed Traveller Site

Although not directly affecting Talbot Village itself, this proposed development is in the near vicinity for anyone who may be interested.  
For those that don’t know, Branksome Triangle is the land once used by the Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company, based in Westbourne, for their Park and Ride Scheme.  The picture shows its location. Gordon Road and Gordon Road South can be seen on the right
For those on Facebook there is an interesting video by Phil Broadhead that gives background into this proposal – here
More detail can also be found related to a petition to sign for those that feel this is a not a good proposal – click on this Link
(added 12/02/2024)

Latest on the ‘Missing’ Bus Stop

16 months on and this has been chased numerous times. Finally, the council have told of the reasons for the delay.
The registered keeper of the car involved with the collision was contacted by Police,  and they confirmed they were the driver at the time. Months later they retracted this statement.  Hence a police investigation is now being conducted.
It remains unclear who the driver was and if they were insured.  Presumably they weren’t, otherwise this would have been settled by now. No confirmation has been forthcoming as yet.
For now the village remains without a bus shelter, but this shouldn’t mean residents have to go without a bus shelter like the one further round Fern Barrow (pictured). If BCP want people to use public transport they should provide proper facilities. Needless to say, Jo, your Chair is continuing to pursue this issue.  Further details will be provided in due course!!
(added 11/02/2024)

West Hants Club new offer for TVRA Members

The West Hants Club is situated in Talbot Woods.
They have multiple indoor/outdoor tennis courts, padel tennis, squash/ racquetball courts, swimming pool, swimming lessons with Katy’s Swim School, saunas, gym, fitness studios, BWT physiotherapy, creche, restaurant & bar, conference facilities, social events and more!
Members must quote TVRA and show their membership card to claim a free guest pass and/or half-price joining fees  This offer ends 31st May 2024. One pass per person.
This must be arranged in advance with the Membership Team and collected from the office (they are open daily!). The team can be called on 01202 519455 or email [email protected].
For more info on the club click on the picture or take a look here:
(added 05/02/2024)

February L’Arte Run and Walking Meet Up

Another good turnout for the February running and walking meet up, organised by Dan from L’arte, and Carrie Davies from the shop.  It was an overcast day, but the rain held off and the temperature was reasonably mild for this time of the year.  Both were very sociable. Everyone met up for a coffee in L’arte afterwards.  Check the Upcoming Events page for the date of the next one – All are very welcome. (Pictured are some of the walkers – there were 18 in total and 3 dogs!!)
(added 04/02/2024)

Build Bournemouth Back Initiative

Conor Burns has started an initiative to try and address some of the problems with the Town Centre, but also to address associated issues in the wider BCP area. He is asking for comments and feedback from all residents as to possible solutions.

Further details and the survey can be found by clicking on the picture or this link Build Bournemouth Back

Conor Burns related Newsletter

For those who are on Facebook there is an associated Facebook link

(added 01/02/2024)

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