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Please join the TVRA and ensure that the great work undertaken for the neighbourhood continues for years to come.

Advantages to membership include:

• Membership Card with retailer discounts
• Invitation to social events
• Expedited and centralised access to ward councillors
• Access to the TVRA Executive Committee
• Quarterly Newsletter
• Invitations to TVRA AGM and Extraordinary Meetings

How to join

Residents’ associations play an important role in strengthening communities and bringing residents together. The committee hold meetings and take actions to make the area a more pleasant place to live in. They are the main local body for consultation with the council or developers when they wish to undertake major projects. The funds provided by membership help us achieve this.

Joining us is easy, simply follow the steps below:

  • Make sure that you qualify first – check the qualification rules: Residential Qualification 
  • Membership is currently set at £5 for two years, £3 for one year. Decide which is most appropriate for you
  • Once you have decided, please make a payment via your bank, or tick the box to indicate you’d rather pay cash.

Upon receipt of your details, we will issue an acknowledgement by email.

A Membership Card will be delivered to you within a few days.

You will not need to worry about your Membership expiring, a reminder will be sent out 2 weeks before the anniversary or bi-anniversary of when you joined.


If you are paying online, it is particularly important to provide a reference with your payment, so we can tie up your details entered below with your payment.

If you live in a house, House Number and Road would be a good reference.

For example, 1CATON, 2BAVERSTOCK, 3MCWILLIAM, etc.

If you live in a Flat, then Flat Number and Block Name would suffice.


Fill out your details in the form below and submit.

Membership Form

Name: Talbot Village Residents Association
Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-96-73
Account Number: 01880913

If you would prefer to pay by cash, please tick the box and someone will call to collect it when your membership card is delivered.

By entering an Email Address, you will automatically receive the Quarterly newsletter when this is issued.

*Mandatory Fields are indicated with an asterisk